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We are a business consulting firm focused on bringing experience to the table and being flexible to adjust to client needs.

At New River Solutions, our mission is to satisfy customers and help them solve their problems; guiding them above and beyond obstacles; improving work environments; and empowering workers with tools for success.

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What Others Say:

We have had the opportunity to work with many clients over the last 20 years. Here are a few of their testimonials.

“Robert is a close colleague whom I rely on for his expertise. He is a first-class senior leader that commands a solid ability to get things done while inspirationally leading a team in discovering the ‘art of the possible’.”
Thomas Nash

Vice President Supply Chain & Chief Procurement Officer

“I’ve known Robert for more than 25 years. His insight and guidance were instrumental in the early success of my company. This book provides the same nuggets that Robert shared with us that helped Firespring become chosen as one of America’s 50 Best Workplaces by Inc. Magazine. There are many lessons to be discovered here, and I believe that everyone in business should read this book.”
Jay Wilkinson

Founder of Firespring and Founder of the Do More Good Movement

“I met Robert while attending a seminar he was leading about improving efficiency and eliminating “S.T.U.P.I.D.” in the workplace. The presentation was incredibly insightful, and I could see how these continuous improvement principles could be applied at JBR Vineyards and Winery. Robert listened to our needs and he and his experienced team came up with ideas to improve the tools we are using in bottling wine to both improve efficiency and safety in the operation. Robert and the New River Solutions team provided me with personalized recommendations and actionable next steps that we look forward to implementing after our harvest season.”
Jessee B. RingOwner

JBR Vineyards & Winery

Don’t Be Dumb

The Perfect Setup

My surgery to remove a brain tumor in 2018 led me to want to share my work experiences and turn my adventures and observations into something that could provide not only the observations, but a unique leadership “playbook” or “roadmap” for people facing similar situations in business. The book focuses on five sections: Leading, Not Managing, Human Resources Tips (that HR may not approve of), Improving the “Work” in the “Work” place, bringing on the “dynamite” to remove work obstacles and rising more rapidly in your organization. Each section concludes with a series of actions you can take to build your own playbook in business in challenging times.


Listen to our own Robert Towle and learn how to overcome obstacles and rise rapidly in these challenging times from listening to our guest spots.

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